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MAXMETAL, with its vast experience in the field of metal since 1976, founded by Konstantinidis Evangelos, and present in the field of construction since 2000. Maxmetal incorporates the most modern technologies and the most complete equipment in all its projects, applying the quality management system, according to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.


At MAXMETAL, we can undertake every phase of your project from scratch and deliver it to you fully functional. Each project we handle is unique and studied separately by our experienced and fully specialized staff, ensuring it fully satisfies your specific needs.

Metallic buildings & Metallic constructions

At MAXMETAL, strictly following the Technological Advances,  we daily Invest in the Design, Development and Construction of All kinds of Metal Constructions, High Safety & Quality Standards.

The Ideal Solution for Businesses Housing, Storage Areas & Special Facilities, as they have Significant & Unique Advantages over the Conventional Building Methods, making the implementation of any investment easier!

Metal buildings and all kinds of metal high quality constructions, functionality and ergonomics.

Contact us today to prepare an economic and technical study for your project, without any further obligation.

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Prefabricated houses

A Quick, Practical & Very Economical Solution, without the need for license or additional costs and bureaucratic procedures !!!

Modern technologies

High precision equipment

Privately owned machinery

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