Metal Houses with the POWER of MAXMETAL…

A Quick, Practical & Very Economical Solution, without the need for license or additional costs and bureaucratic procedures !!!

At MaxMetal, We Study the Possibilities of Your Space & We Build MetalHouses, That Fully & Efficiently Respond to Your Special Needs and Requirements.

Metal Houses for every use (Professional or Private) 

Warehouses, Garage, Kiosks, Booths, Offices, Houses for P/V Parks

The Standard Dimensions of the metal houses are 3×3 & 6×6, though it is not Binding.

There is a variety of options for Siding & Roof: 

  • The Polyurethane Panels we use have very good Thermal & Sound Insulation. This material consists of 2 metal plates with a thickness of 0.5 and the intermediate polyurethane foam as an insulating material.
  • The Use of Sheet Metal Reduces the Construction Price even more, but it reduces the quality of the insulation respectively. Nevertheless, it is a Good & Economical Solution for Several Cases
  • Additional coverage of the metal panels with stone panels, plaster, etc. is possible to be applied afterwards.

*It only takes a minute