Farming livestock Units

Modern Livestock Units without Urban Planning Permission: High-Quality Construction with a Metal Frame

Modern livestock units represent an innovative solution for creating livestock spaces without the need for urban planning permission. These units are characterized by their modern design with a metal frame that has been thermally galvanized, offering an economic alternative solution for livestock farming.

Advantages of Livestock Units:

One of the significant advantages of these livestock units is that no urban planning permission is required for their construction, and no social security contributions need to be paid. Furthermore, their construction can be incorporated into the Development Law, offering financial incentives for investment in this sector. Other advantages include the ease of assembly and transportation of the units, as all individual components are interlocked. Additionally, the units provide good ventilation and satisfy the animals’ needs regarding their diet, hygiene, and environment.
The production system is high-tech, with an automated production line covering cutting, drilling, and shaping of elements, using high-tech CNC machines. This allows for serving large orders in a short timeframe. Moreover, the construction of these units is tailored to the requirements of each project, ensuring the ideal solution for farming. Therefore, modern metal farming units represent a reliable choice for creating high-quality farming spaces without the complexity of bureaucracy and expenses of urban planning permits.

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