Single Pole Mounting Structure

Double Pole Solar Mounting Structure

Solar Panel Mounts – Technical description

MAXMETAL support mounts are a reliable and ideal solution for the installation of solar panel systems that are adapted and constructed according to the needs of each project.

The bases are accompanied by a structural design according to the Eurocodes 1 and 3 and G.E.R. 2003.

  • Snow loads 0.80 kN / m2
  • Wind speed 27 m / s

  • Advantages:
  • Easily assembled (no welded parts, all components are screwed together)
  • Easily transported as the pieces are assembled together for greater ergonomics and arrive at the construction site baled
  • Ability to service a large volume of orders in a short time due to an automated production line using high technology CNC machines
  • Adaptation of the construction according to the needs and requirements of the project


The mounts consist of three types of items of different profiles

  1. Piles that are 1.50 m deep into the ground (always with PullOut test)
  2. Parts of the main body
  3. Purlins on which the panels are screwed

Material: S235-S320 + Z275GR

Thickness: 4-3-2 mm

Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanized before treatment

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