Metal Buildings & Mixed Constructions with the POWER of MaxMetal…

The Ideal Solution for Businesses Housing, Storage Areas & Special Facilities, as they have Significant & Unique Advantages over the Conventional Building Methods, making the implementation of any investment easier!

The latest Technological Advances in the field of Construction Projects led MaxMetal to the development of its activities in the field of Construction of Metal Buildings, Mixed Structures and All Kinds of Special Steel Constructions, with High Demand Projects throughout Greece.

Our multiannual experience since 1976, the Fully Specialized Staff & the State-of-the-art Machinery we have are a guarantee for the Result, the Excellent Quality and the Timely Delivery of our Constructions.

Research, Design, Construction of Metal Buildings & Special Structures

  • Industrial Building Complexes
  • Large Storage areas (Logisitcs)
  • Multi-storey Office Buildings
  • Commercial Stores &
  • Warehouses
  • Rural Buildings
  • Gyms & Special Facilities

Functionality & Ergonomics:

  • Ability to Create Large Undivided Areas, without intermediate supports, which hinder production process & the smooth operation of your Business.
  • Possibility of Installing a Crane Bridge, with a high lifting capacity, for Load Transport from one point to another.
  • Ability to Choose Different Architectural Plans & Remodeling of the Interior,according to your Current Needs and Requirements.
  • Ability to Expand the Initial Construction in Any Direction, if necessary for the Development of your Business.
  • Possibility of Dismantling & Relocation to another Site, if this serves your Business Plans.


  • Great Earthquake Protection, due to Reduced Weight, against the respective concrete structures. Metal Structures can be distorted, but never broken, unlike conventional building materials (concrete).
  • High Resistance to Intense Weather Phenomena & Natural Disasters (Snow, Wind, Hail, Fires, Thunders). Metal Structures are capable of Large Grounding, thus presenting Great Safety from Extreme Phenomena, such as Thunders.


  • Controlled Quality & High Accuracy in the Construction Methods, as every individual metal element is manufactured in the factory, in a Controlled Environment with quality procedures, which implies the Minimization of Failures and the Correct Implementation of the Initial Design.
  • Excellent Quality of Raw Materials, as steel is used to create the main structure of the structures; it is processed in the factory, under Specific Strict Specifications.


  • Faster Construction, as Works are Performed at Factory and the Construction Site at the same time, and as an Immediate Result The Quickest Start of Operation & the Faster Return on Your Investment. Reduction of Construction Time by 30% – 40% compared to Conventional Constructions.
  • All Metal Buildings have a Resale Value, as they can be Disassembled and Sold or Used as Recyclable Materials.
  • Lower Construction Cost:  • There is no need to Charge Building Stamps to the projects, as the entire construction takes place in the factory, and thus the profession is considered “Housed”. 

• Reduction of Excavations & the Total Volume of Foundation, due to lighter weight of the construction.

• Reduction of the total thickness of the floors, with Immediate Result the Gain of additional floors in the same volume of the building or the Reduction of the total height for the same number of floors.

All MaxMetaL Metal Structures and their Equipment are Eligible Codes in Subsidized Development Programs. (Building Facilities or Extensions, Building Equipment, Warehouses, etc.)